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Top 5 B2B Prospecting Tools for Account-Based Marketing

With the right B2B prospecting tools, you can get all of the data you need for an account-based marketing (ABM) program without major headaches.

Most of today’s sales and marketing teams rely on software automation to ease the burden of data prospecting, research, and personalization for sales.

However, not all tools are a good fit for an account-based marketing or sales program. In fact, many are only designed for prospecting leads and not target accounts.

To help maximize the success of your ABM program, here is an overview of the 5 top B2B prospecting tools for effective account-based marketing.

1) BuiltWith Sales Intelligence Software

BuiltWith Logo

Account-based marketing focuses on targeting qualified companies instead of prospects, so it’s important to have access to the right account lists before acquiring a lead list.

There are many online sources available for finding companies. However, many account list sources do not provide quality data or accurate targeting capabilities.

BuiltWith is a sales intelligence software that allows you to search, filter, and access target accounts based on the type of web-based technologies they use.

Screenshot of an Example Gallery of BuiltWith's Technology Lists

With BuiltWith, you can get access to large company data sets that can be narrowed down further using 27+ different data points. Here are some of the data categories they offer:

  • Industry/Vertical
  • Annual Sales Revenue
  • Estimated Monthly Technology Spend
  • Website Traffic Rankings
  • Data on 11 Different Social Platforms
  • Employees & Emails
  • Geographic Location Data

Alternatively, BuiltWith provides list segmentation features that make it easy to target the right account lists to export right from their app.

More than 673 million companies are available on the BuiltWith platform, providing you with a virtually endless source of potential companies to target for account-based marketing.

2) Crunchbase B2B Prospecting Tool

A major goal for account-based marketing is getting specific about what makes a valuable target account. Sales intelligence is critical to identifying the right companies to influence.

To evaluate whether an account is qualified, it’s helpful to gain insight into funding, budget, team composition, leadership, and any recent events that might indicate a good potential customer.

However, information like this is often difficult and inefficient to find for a list of companies.

Crunchbase is a data prospecting tool that provides access to valuable company intelligence, lead lists, and several other features to empower an ABM program.

Screenshot of a Crunchbase Company Profile

With Crunchbase, you can track activity and monitor changes for an account list while getting recommendations on new potentially qualified companies to target.

Crunchbase is an industry leader in the depth and breadth of intelligence they can provide, equipping you with the visibility to make the most of every account you target.

3) SalesFinder Lead Scraping Tool

SalesFinder Logo

To maximize the success of account-based marketing, it’s helpful to gain insight into the departments, teams, and stakeholders that can impact a potential sale with the company.

ABM often goes beyond a single person at a target account, reaching several prospects across different functions to influence the deal.

SalesFinder is an account-based lead scraping tool that allows you to quickly find as much contact data as you want for a company or account list.

Screenshot of SalesFinder's Home Page

The software uses trusted, publicly-available sources to search for new prospects in real-time, making the process of mining leads more accurate and reliable.

If you’re targeting multiple roles or prospecting several contacts with ABM, then you can use SalesFinder to access a lead list in bulk for each target account.

Once you’re ready to start sales prospecting, you can use the tool to lookup contact information for a lead without leaving the app.

4) Phantombuster Prospecting Automation Software

Phantombuster Logo

A lot of data prospecting, research, and qualification is involved in making an account-based marketing program successful. You need account and contact data for a variety of reasons:

  • Evaluating Target Accounts
  • Segmenting & Prioritizing Lists
  • Identifying Intent & Triggers
  • Personalizing Outreach
  • Prospecting the Right Leads

While it’s possible to do these data prospecting tasks without software, it can be incredibly time-consuming and inefficient.

Phantombuster is a B2B prospecting tool that provides powerful automation capabilities.

Screenshot of an Example Use Case for Using Phantombuster

With the ability to automate more than 49 actions across several popular websites and social platforms, Phantombuster makes data collection, research, and outreach for ABM faster.

Using a platform like LinkedIn, you can automate prospecting lists for both accounts and leads.

From there, it’s easy to manage email or social outreach with Phantombuster’s many integrations.

5) Hunter IO Email Prospecting Tool

Hunter IO Logo

Emails are a core part of many account-based marketing campaigns. However, it’s becoming more difficult to find and validate them.

Without access to accurate contact information, it’s easy to lose control over ABM outcomes and get stuck constantly updating data so you can reach out to a lead list.

Hunter IO is a data prospecting software that focuses on looking up & validating email addresses to help minimize email bounce rates.

Screenshot of Hunter's Home Page

With Hunter, you can upload a list of companies to acquire all of the email addresses at a target account or find valid emails for a specific prospect you’re targeting.

One of the major advantages behind Hunter is the accessibility of its software. You can use Hunter in Google Sheets, your favorite CRMs, Gmail, and while browsing websites.


B2B prospecting tools are everywhere, but not all of them can help you be successful with a targeted, account-based marketing program.

To make ABM successful, you need access to a lot of high-quality data, sales intelligence, and research on the accounts you want to target.

With these 5 top prospecting tools at your disposal, you can get access to better potential customers and gain more control over your account-based marketing outcomes.

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