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The Top 10 LinkedIn Scrapers

Sales executives who use LinkedIn for prospecting and lead generation without using LinkedIn scraper tools are like a fishermen who hope to catch fish without a fishing rod or net.

Ask me how they hope to do it, I’d say “Magic. Of course!”

Now, imagine having to go through profiles of every LinkedIn user you hope to target, one after the other. Just because you need to prospect and generate leads? And how many profiles can you go through in 1, 2, 3 hours or even a day? 

Very few, right? And time is what you don’t have on your side. That’s why you need an automated process to help you out.

In this post, we will be discussing how to fetch data on Linkedin to quickly build targeted lead lists with the help of web scraping tools. 

But before that, do you want to know more about LinkedIn data scraping and its importance in prospecting?

Great! Let’s dive right in.

Why scraping data and LinkedIn is essential in sales

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Now, this is where we get just a little bit technical.

Data scraping is a technique used by computer programs to scrape the web by extracting and downloading data from specific databases or web pages. 

Web pages use text-based markup languages like HTML and XML. And they contain arrays of useful data in text form. Sadly, web pages are specially made for humans users and not automated use, which means that computer programs are not allowed to access these useful data with ease. 

It becomes a challenge for salespeople because this useful data is extremely helpful for lead generation but very time-intensive to collect.

And to make matters worse, Linkedin doesn’t make prospecting easy and has implemented smart technologies to prevent automated scraping of LinkedIn profiles. 

Thanks to innovative technology, several LinkedIn scrapers can outsmart these anti-scraping countermeasures, bypass restrictions, and captchas to fetch data from web pages – a sort of web crawler in the guise of humans. Restrictions or not. However, you need to be careful when using these scrapers because if caught, your account could get banned.

Thankfully, there are some great tools, and if used responsibly, you shouldn’t run into any real problems.

We will be talking about the best Linkedin scraper tools that you can try your hands on. In case you have decided to prospect the easy way.

Top 10 LinkedIn Scrapers.

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Here’s a list of the best LinkedIn Scraping software to help you automate your prospecting. And they are:

  • SalesFinder
  • Proxycrawl LinkedIn Scraper
  • Web Scraper
  • Octoparse
  • ParseHub
  • ScrapeStorm
  • HeliumScraper
  • Scraper


SalesFinder is a research tool that builds targeted lead lists in real-time by scraping the web.

With SalesFinder, you can enter a company name and job titles that you’d like to scrape, and the tool does the rest. It finds all the relevant contacts at those companies, including names, job titles, company names, LinkedIn profiles, and email addresses.

It’s the perfect tool for sales executives, companies, and business owners to build targeted leads without going through the stress of scraping websites, or Linkedin. It also doesn’t place your LinkedIn account at risk and isn’t in violation of their terms of service.

SalesFinder features include:

  • Collect data on prospects in real-time from authority sources on the web.
  • Can find decision-makers by job title and company.
  • Get names, job titles, LinkedIn profile URL, and email address.
  • No risk of getting your account shut down for scraping LinkedIn while logged into the site like other tools.

If you know the job titles and companies you are looking to target, you can easily save hours or days using!

Proxycrawl LinkedIn Scraper

The Proxycrawl Linkedin Scraper is for developers trying to bypass proxy restrictions and Captchas- Anonymously. It can fetch data from LinkedIn, for example, a company’s description, employee data, user profile information, and a lot more. 

Proxycrawl features include:

  • It bypasses proxy restrictions and Captchas. 
  • It allows you to fetch and extract data from LinkedIn with the use of unique data mining technologies.
  • It is perfect for lead generation on Linkedin.
  • Its data output format is JSON.


Every customer is eligible for a free trial for the first 1000 requests. After which you can purchase a plan from $29 per month for 50,000 credits. 

Web Scraper

Web Scraper is useful if the data you need is spread across many different web sites. It takes time to distinguish the exact data you need, creates a sitemap, and then fetches and extracts the information you need. 

You can access it either as a chrome extension (add it as a plugin to work with your Google chrome) or a Web scraper. It extracts different forms of data, e.g., texts, links, and web files. Its extension allows you to create a chart of your choice when fetching and retrieving data.

 Web Scraper features include:

  • Allows you to create sitemaps and navigate sites
  • Extracts data from Javascript encoded web pages
  • Highly tolerant; it can wait for dynamic data to be loaded
  • Can’t extract data behind a login.


Web Scraper goes for $50 for 100,000-page credits to $250 for 2,000,000 credits.


Octoparse mimics human behavior when fetching and extracting data. It scrapes data from interactive websites (social media), e-commerce websites, blogs, and any web page. The collected data can help you remodel your products, market analysis, and a more precise prospecting.

It can convert several web pages on LinkedIn into a spreadsheet with a list of prospects. It is also known for its advanced web scraping features that include scheduled scraping and proxy rotation to help you remain undetected. 

Octoparse features include:

  • Fetches and extracts authenticated data using a login/password.
  • Makes use of multiple IP addresses for extraction.
  • Fetches and extracts your competitor’s pricing and data in real-time.
  • Signs in to accounts to scrape data behind a login (mimics human behavior).
  • Allows you to schedule extraction.
  • Stores data in the cloud.
  • Extracts data in text forms, weblinks, image URLs, and HTML codes.
  • Data output comes in CSV, Excel, JSON, MySQL, and SQL Server.


You can subscribe to its 14-day free version with up to 10,000 records per export but comes with limitations. The Paid plans go for $75/month to $249/month. is a Chrome web extension for data mining and lead generation from several social platforms. It mimics human behavior by automatically interacting with users on the web pages you visit. It fetches and exports data to a CSV file. features include:

  • Allows you to automate your social media activities.
  • Enables auto-visit, auto-endorse, and sends direct messages to profiles it visits.
  • Works with Linkedin Sales Navigator for targeted searches.
  • Fetches data and exports all the leads generated in the CSV.


The free version comes with 200 visits and 800 scans but with limitations. The paid plan, plus, goes for $9 with 350 visits and 1200 scans. is a handy tool for LinkedIn data mining. It extracts data from URLs and exports it to CSV files, excel-sheets and APIs. The extracted data integrates with other software, including CRMs, ERP systems, analytics programs, reporting tools, and even custom applications.

Extracted data can be analyzed and used for price comparisons, precise prospecting, and risk assessment. It is an excellent choice if you have a medium-sized or small business that’s ready to scale up. features include:

  • Allows customizable extractors with point-and-clicks extractors.
  • Will enable you to train and schedule extractions however you choose.
  • Extracts authenticated data from login credentials.
  • Stores all the scraped data in an online data store.
  • Gets reports on changes happening on the websites you are scraping.

Pricing offers free trial plans for charity organizations and students. The paid plans are essential, enterprise, and premium plans, ranging from $199 to $999 per month.


ParseHub is designed for analysts to fetch and extract data from web pages without writing any code. 

It comes in the form of desktop applications and cloud software and allows you to set proxies during data extraction. It enables IP rotations, which are vital in web crawling, to bypass anti-bots and proxy restrictions. Its data output formats are in Excel and JSON.

ParseHub features include:

  • Visual interface for complex scraping tasks across websites.
  • Not designed specifically for LinkedIn.
  • Automatically rotate IP address to prevent websites from blocking your scraping.
  • Export formats are limited to Excel and JSON.


The desktop version is free but with limitations. The paid cloud version goes for $149 a month.


ScrapeStorm was designed by an ex-Google crawler team for data mining. It is a desktop application. It allows multiple data exports and uses an automatic data point detection system to identify and scrape the required data. 

It also has a point and clicks interface for extracting pages that do not support automatic data point detection. ScrapeStorm is sturdy and can help you with large scale data scraping with data output formats that include: TXT, Excel, CSV, MySQL, JSON, Google Sheets.

ScrapeStorm features include:

  • Desktop software that runs on your computer.
  • Automated detection to help dynamically adjust scraping.
  • Easy to use point and click interface for scraping pages.
  • Designed for large scale scraping tasks.


ScrapeStorm offers a free Starter plan but comes with limitations. The paid version starts at $49.99 per month.

Helium Scraper

Helium Scraper has an intuitive interface that allows you to scrape anything. You can scrape user profile data, business profiles, and job posting related data. Helium Scraper has a point-and-click interface, which makes it easy to use.

Helium Scraper provides an easy to use workflow and ensures rapid extraction in fetching complex data and can extract a large amount of data at a time.  

Helium Scraper includes:

  • Scrape LinkedIn profiles for companies and people.
  • Simple no-code, easy to use interface.
  • Convenient for extracting large amounts of data on LinkedIn


Helium Scraper offers a fully functional 10-days free trial, and the paid plan goes for $99 for one user license.


Scraper is a handy web scraping tool that allows you to fetch data from different web pages and social media platforms. You can export your friends’ list or connections from social media platforms and screen-scrape email addresses from several websites.

It comes in the form of a chrome web extension and scrapes results from all Google search results. It can collect and collate data for page rank improvement and SEO optimization. It can also parse Ecommerce or shopping websites, fetch their product lists, and extract prices.

Scraper features include:

  • It allows automated crawling of paginated websites.
  • It allows a single page or multi-page crawling and automatic navigation to the next page.
  • It saves time by not writing complex RegEx (regular expressions).
  • It converts HTML tables into clean CSV, TSV format .


Scraper offers a free plan for 98% of its users. The paid plans are for users who require a large amount of web scraping.

Time to get started scraping LinkedIn

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You can use any of these data scrapped to build a stellar prospecting list. 

Don’t waste time or money on manually extracting data from LinkedIn for sales prospecting. Remember that time is your biggest asset in business and sales.

Armed with this knowledge, prospecting on Linkedin can be easier and faster than you probably think, now that you know the best tools for scraping LinkedIn.

Try out some of these Linkedin scrapers, or give a try and save countless hours and don’t risk your LinkedIn account on mindless prospecting.

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