Pick the plan thats best for you


$9.00 per Month
  • 1,000 Search Requests
  • 100 Verified Emails
  • CSV Import/Export


$59.00 per Month
  • 5,000 Search Requests
  • 250 Verified Emails
  • CSV Import/Export


$199.00 per Month
  • 10,000 Search Requests
  • 1,000 Verified Emails
  • API Integration
  • CSV Import/Export


$399.00 per Month
  • 30,000 Search Results
  • 5,000 Verified Emails
  • API Integration
  • CSV Import/Export

Team Plans

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Custom Plans

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Frequently asked questions about pricing

I only want to use Salesfinder to find contacts one time. Do I need to signup for an account?

Yes. I have a plan that start at $9.00 per month that lets you use my services including email lookup and bulk importing of companies and job titles.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, of course! At any time you can cancel or change your plan. If you cancel you'll still have access to my services until the end of your subscription cycle.

How do credits for looking up verified email address?

Every time you ask me to find and verify an email address for a contact it'll count as one credit. If I can't find an email address it's free.

I only want LinkedIn profile URLs and don't need email addresses. Do I have to pay for an account?

No you don't. If I find a LinkedIn profile for a contact I always share it with you even if you don't have a paid plan.

Can I do a bulk search to find hundreds or thousands of contacts?

Yes, all of my paid plans give you the ability to request that I do bulk searches. Just import a CSV with a company name and job title column and I'll work my magic.

Can I share my account with a team?

No problem. I am fine with you sharing your account with other members of the same team, within reason.

Have more questions about pricing? Contact us.