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8 Ways to Use Phantombuster to Automate LinkedIn Social Selling

How many different social selling tasks can Phantombuster automate on LinkedIn?

Platforms like LinkedIn offer a variety of ways to connect with prospects, but spending time on social media is often perceived as time-consuming or less effective than calls or emails.

With software like Phantombuster, you can automate much of the dirty work behind effective social selling and create more meaningful sales experiences on LinkedIn.

In this post, we break down eight different ways you can leverage Phantombuster to automate social selling activities on LinkedIn.

1) Phantombuster LinkedIn Profile Scraper

Looking for ways to build a targeted list of companies or prospects?

Phantombuster is a powerful LinkedIn scraping tool that allows you to automate data prospecting activities that would otherwise be inaccessible or done manually.

With the ability to automate multiple actions in a combined workflow, Phantombuster makes it easy to gain access to new targeted leads across LinkedIn’s platform.

A Screenshot of the Phantombuster Dashboard for the LinkedIn Profile Scraper Automation

There are several different ways to automate mining leads and accounts on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn People or Company Search Scraping
  • Extracting Profile Viewers
  • Mining LinkedIn Group Members
  • Profile Scraping for Post Likes & Comments

Certain activities that Phantombuster can automate on LinkedIn require access to a data set, so these prospecting automation capabilities allow you to do more with their platform.

Whether you are engaging with content, interacting with a community, or prospecting targeted searches, Phantombuster offers a variety of ways to automate lead scraping on LinkedIn.

2) Email Prospecting for Leads

Social platforms are an effective way to start new conversations with qualified leads, but they shouldn’t be the only sales channels you use.

To maximize the impact of social selling, it’s important to find places where you can influence prospects when they’re not browsing social media.

Phantombuster can automate the email lookup process for leads you’re targeting on LinkedIn, making it easier to go multi-channel with your sales prospecting.

To find emails with Phantombuster, you can use LinkedIn profiles, website URLs, or simply a person’s name and employer.

Since Phantombuster integrates with the cold email automation software Lemlist, you can conduct outreach on both social and email with a few back-to-back LinkedIn Phantoms.

3) Profile Visit & Follow Automation

On LinkedIn, you don’t need to be directly connected with a prospect to interact with them.

Two of the fastest ways to get onto a prospect’s radar via LinkedIn is through visiting or following their profile.

LinkedIn users get notified every time someone follows their page or visits their profile. These activities can be effective ways to get noticed and warm-up prospects for further interactions.

Phantombuster makes it easy to accomplish both tasks in one automated workflow.

A Screenshot of Phantombuster's Overview of Automation Workflows

With their LinkedIn profile scraper, you can automate profile visits while mining leads. Then you can easily plug that LinkedIn data into a spreadsheet to auto-follow every profile.

By using this Phantombuster workflow as step one of your social selling process, you can immediately build a targeted lead list while automating your initial sales touches.

4) Phantombuster LinkedIn Network Booster

Audience development is a key element of social selling.

Beyond outbound outreach, social platforms provide a great place to do personal branding, content marketing, and demand generation for targeted or mass audiences.

One of the most popular activities available on Phantombuster is the ability to automate connection requests at scale.

You can easily grow your LinkedIn network while mining leads using a simple automation workflow on Phantombuster. It’s even possible to keep track of which prospects accept or ignore the connection requests you send.

However, keep in mind that LinkedIn has limits. You have a limited number of connection requests you can send on a weekly basis and can only have so many total pending requests.

5) Automate Post Likes & Comments

Social platforms are informal environments where professionals can connect, communicate, learn, and browse trending conversations in their space.

An effective way to influence thinking and generate curiosity from a target audience is by interacting with them on social media posts.

Both post reactions and comments can be automated with Phantombuster, providing a powerful way for you to reach new prospects and broadcast the right messages.

To do this, simply collect URLs for a list of LinkedIn posts in a spreadsheet. From there, Phantombuster can automate your activities at whatever frequency and schedule you choose.

With the ability to engage on LinkedIn posts automatically, you can focus more of your social selling time on conversations and content.

6) Phantombuster LinkedIn Auto-Endorsements

People love praise and prestige for their hard work.

LinkedIn provides the endorsement feature so that users can give others in their network public recognition for one or more specific skills.

A Screenshot of the Skills & Endorsements Section of a LinkedIn Profile

Endorsements are a great way to add value and create a positive experience for prospects to remember. With Phantombuster, you can easily automate this process on LinkedIn.

In addition to being an effective tool for building rapport, giving endorsements can also be used to generate endorsements for your LinkedIn profile.

7) Personalized InMail & Direct Messages

Salespeople worldwide are using LinkedIn as a channel for outbound sales prospecting. When done well, social outreach can generate a consistent supply of new leads and meetings.

However, LinkedIn inboxes are getting crowded. Social selling has grown in popularity among sales teams, which is making it harder to compete for attention and capture conversations.

A Screenshot of Popular Phantombuster Automation Workflows for LinkedIn Outreach

Phantombuster unlocks LinkedIn prospecting automation for InMail or direct messages while providing the ability to personalize each message.

The sky is the limit with personalization through Phantombuster. You can include as many personalization variables as you’d like and even use the data that Phantombuster scrapes.

8) LinkedIn Event & Group Invitations

Digital events and communities have become a huge part of lead generation for sales teams.

With many of today’s employees still working remotely, the demand for online webinars and digital groups has exploded.

As a professional network, LinkedIn is a popular environment for promoting events and growing targeted communities.

Phantombuster provides the ability to automate inviting your connections to any event or group you create within LinkedIn.

This automation is a great way to generate more registrants for your events or grow a targeted community of like-minded professionals.


Social selling on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to accelerate pipeline growth and maximize your chances of winning over buyers.

While social is often seen as an unproductive place for salespeople to spend time, the use of an automation tool like Phantombuster can make a huge impact on your social selling success.

Whether you’re searching for data, developing an audience, or doing sales outreach, these eight Phantombuster automation tips can help you become a more efficient seller on LinkedIn.

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