I find the right contacts at any company in seconds

Hi! My name is Salesfinder. Tell me the company and up to 3 job titles that you need contacts for and I'll go find them.

Export to CSV

    I've found 2M+ contacts at all sorts of companies


    I can find the exact person your looking for at any company.

    Target Accounts

    I just need a company name and job titles, within a few seconds I'll have the contacts you're looking for.

    Bulk Search

    I can look up tens of thousands of contacts in minutes. You just need you to import a list of companies and job titles to get started.


    I don't have any direct integrations yet but I can give you a CSV with all the contacts I found for you load in your CRM, marketing software, etc...

    It only takes me a few second to search the internet, find LinkedIn profiles and lookup email addresses.

    Real-Time Search

    I do all searches in real-time to make sure I find you the most accurate and up to date contact info possible.

    LinkedIn Profile URL

    I can find LinkedIn profile URLs for contacts so you can send connection requests and execute social selling campaigns.

    Validated Email Addresses

    I can find email addresses and run them through a multipart email validation process to ensure you end up in the right inbox.


    I'm here to help. I have a great team ready to answer questions and lend a helping hand.